Burning of the Socks




06:00 pm - 08:30 pm

Opening Ceremony 5:30 on the front Lawn! Welcome Summer “East Coast Style” it’s the 5th annual BURNING OF THE SOCKS.  Join us for this symbolic tradition of sacrificing the constraints of Winter… YOUR DIRTY OLD SOCKS!  Into the roaring fire. Put on your thinking cap and come prepared!

Bring out your winter socks to burn & we invite the “want-to-be poets” among us to bring along a Doggerel to read as you toss your socks into the fire!
DOGGEREL – Dogg’er el (noun)  Definition  – Derogatory term for verse considered of little literary value.  The word is likely derived from dog, suggesting either ugliness, puppyish clumsiness, or unpalatability (as in food fit only for dogs)… Very poor poetry!
Here’s a little example from our own Larry D’Haem
I first donned these socks last November-and wore them straight through all December-   They fell off my feet-Just early this week-With a smell I will always remembaa!
-ODE TO BURNING SOCKS sung at 6:00
Sock incineration  and doggerels to commence immediately thereafter