Coast Guard Inspections




10:00 am

  1. the examiners will be at the club on the east side at 9:30 to answer any questions
  2. there will be a sign up sheet, please sign up and hang around.
  3. If you have an installed head on board, they will look at the holding tank and all lines connected to it. they will look for the overboard drain and where it goes thru the hull. they will want to see the Y valve and/or the valve on the thru hull to see that it is secure in the closed position. If they cannot verify that the system is locked against overboard discharge the boat will not pass. Please clear away anything that would be in the way of this inspection.
  4. you should pull out your life jackets, registration, flares and un-mounted fire extinguishers to speed up the process.
  5. some of the biggest reasons people fail the inspection are A) bad registration numbers  B) Navigation lights not working C) flares out of date
  6. navigation rules: while this has always been a rule, its typically overlooked…vessels over 39.4 feet or 12 meters must carry a copy of the navigation rules in hard copy or electronic copy.  (PDF copy attached).
  7. If you have specific questions about items to be inspected call Charles Lang at 865-387-4066 and identify yourself as a member of MBYC referencing our june 14th inspection.
  8. any other questions can be directed to Lisa Ruoff at


Vessel Examination Information