Great Lakes Basic Marine Weather Seminar




08:00 am - 04:30 pm

Fee: $40 (Includes Lunch)

Learn a little meteorology and reduce some of the uncertainty of boating on the Great Lakes. An enhanced understanding of basic weather principles and a few simple forecasting skills can improve cruise planning, racing performance and reduce the likelihood of being exposed to uncomfortable or hazardous weather conditions. The Basic Marine Weather Seminar will provide attendees with an understanding of basic meteorological principles and explore the conditions favoring the development of severe weather. Graphics and case studies of actual weather events will be used to focus on the interesting and unique forecasting challenges associated with the Great Lakes. Attendees will also develop a basic daily forecasting resource kit based upon readily available government and university websites.

Seminar Outline

Section One: Introduction

Section Two: A Solid Foundation (Basic Meteorological Principles)

Section Three: Interpreting Weather Graphics

Section Four: The Invisible Forces Controlling the Wind

Section Five: Clouds And Precipitation

Section Six: Dissecting A Low Pressure System

Section Seven: Observational Tools (Radar & Satellite Imagery)

Section Eight: Thunderstorms

Section Nine: Waves

Section Ten: A Daily Forecast Routine

Section Eleven: On-board Resources (Monitoring The Weather After You Leave The Dock)


For additional information and registration, please contact Julie VanderVeer at 616.335.5815 or

Seminar Website: http:// MBYC.html