MBYC Memorabilia Auction




07:00 pm

To assist in the success of this auction, if you have access to items that would be interesting to members to acquire, for example condo opportunities, gift certificates and more please email ourclub@mbyc.com with your donated item description.

We greatly appreciate your donation which will go specifically to the reduction in the final mortgage of the new clubhouse! Save the Date!

View the 40+ items up for bid in the list below or download the PDF list.

Chinese Auction Items – Gifts from MBYC Members and Friends

  1. MBJA Junior Sailing Lesson – good for one free 2014 summer season Junior Sailing Program Session from MBJA and Officers.  Value $225. 10 Bids at $25.
  2. Captain Sundae Gift Certificates – $50.00 of yummy ice cream at member Tom and Karen Van Dam’s Captain Sundae.  10 Bids at $5.
  3. Piper Restaurant $100.00 Gift Certificate – Enjoy dinner and wine with your loved one(s) at MBYC member Pat and Herb Eldean’s Piper Restaurant.  10 Bids at $10.
  4. Mosaic 12” Planter – Beautiful hand crafted mosaic planter by member Jo Schmidt.  10 Bids at $10.
  5. Captain Sundae Gift Certificates – $50.00 more delicious sundaes from member Tom and Karen Van Dam’s Captain Sundae.   10 Bids at $5.
  6. Lube, Oil and Filter Changes – four oil changes at member Jeff and Cherie Elhart’s Elhart Automotive Campus where they’re STILL ROCKIN’ BABY!  10 Bids at $15.
  7. Sailing with the Commodore – enjoy 2 outings with Commodore Tom Slanec to learn the joy and art of sailing.  Limited to 3 members per outing.  10 Bids at $50.
  8. CABi Women’s Fashion Gift Certificate – $100.00 towards your fall outfit presented by MBYC member Cherie Elhart.  10 Bids at $10
  9. Teeth Whitening – Dr Phil Wisniewski will brighten your smile with dental care teeth whitening Value $400. 10 Bids at $40
  10. Mosaic 12” Planter – Another beautiful hand crafted mosaic planter by member Jo Schmidt.  10 Bids at $10.
  11. CABi Women’s Fashion Gift Certificate – $100.00 towards your fall outfit presented by MBYC member Kathy Sligh.  10 Bids at $10

Silent Auction Items – MBYC Memorabilia

  1. MBYC High Chair – hand painted by past MBYC member Gene and Barb Davidson.
  2. MBYC High Chair – designed and painted by local artist Sabrina Schippa and donated by MBYC member Kathy Day.
  3. MBYC High Chair – totally cool and hip and finished by MBYC member Rachel Sligh.
  4. MBYC High Chair – designed and painted by MBYC member Josie Cheney.
  5. MBYC High Chair – as if Josie wanted more children, another creation by member Josie Cheney.
  6. MBYC High Chair – created by MBYC member Julie Han.
  7. MBYC Dining Room Chair – lovingly crafted by past MBYC member Gene and Barb Davidson.
  8. MBYC Dining Room Chair – crafted and designed by MBYC member Jan Lambright.
  9. MBYC Bar Stool – if this one could talk!  Painted by past MBYC member Gene and Barb Davidson.
  10. MBYC Bar Stool – this one would talk back!  Crafted by MBYC member Suzanne Markey.
  11. MBYC Dining Room Curtains – draped and ready for cleaning.  Maybe material for your daughter’s bridesmaids dresses?
  12. MBYC Directional Sign – which door do we really enter the clubhouse?!
  13. MBYC Men’s Room Toilet Seat – now if this one could talk!
  14. MBYC Podium – how many times have you leaned on MBYC’s Hostess over this podium to beg for the corner window table?
  15. MBYC TV and Stand – this one may need some rabbit ears and tin foil!
  16. MBYC Roadside Sign – a classic memorabilia for your back yard!
  17. MBYC Track Lighting in Dining Room – as is and dust included!
  18. MBYC Track Lighting in Commodore Room – will work in your son’s bedroom!

Live Auction Items – MBYC Memorabilia, MBYC Member and Friends Gifts

  1. Dinner for 10 by Chef Jevon—Want to hold a dinner party for your 10 closest friends, but don’t feel like cooking or don’t know how?  Dazzle them with a dinner for 10 prepared by MBYC’s Chef Jevon.  You’ll get to meet with the Chef to help plan a fabulous menu (if you’d like) and then he’ll arrive at your door the night of the event and you won’t have to step into the kitchen for the rest of the evening!  A dream come true!  Sorry, but Chef Jevon doesn’t do the dishes….
  2. Oil Painting by Greg Sobran – Greg Sobran, a friend of MBYC members who spends his time painting from Northern Michigan to Macatawa to Key West to Cuba to Paris and beyond will make you smile with his whimsical and colorful landscape oil painting.  Value $3000.
  3. Redneck Yacht Club Pontoon Cruise—Alright, yachtsmen and yachtswomen, we know that pontoon cruising sounds a little redneckish, but we positively guarantee that you and your friends will have a blast on the floating party barges!  You will not have just one pontoon but 3: one for the bar, one for dancing, and one for sitting around and having a good time.  So invite your friends and enjoy music, beer, wine and appetizers provided by your Captain Trio of Tom Van Dam, Scott Geerlings and Jeff Elhart along with First Mates, Karen Van Dam, Jackie Geerlings and Cherie Elhart!  Enjoy the fun cruise on Lake Mac and a raucous time on June 20, 2014 or June 27, 2014 (rain date)!
  4. Private MBYC Parking Space for one season—Tired of schlepping all the kids and their toys to the pool or clothes and groceries to your boat when having to park as far back as the Macatawa Post Office because the MBYC parking lot is jam packed? Well, this is the perfect way to ensure a close parking space by the pool or your boat next season, when it’s certain the parking lot will be packed as everyone is having a great time at the new Yacht Club!
  5. Cooking Class for 6 by Chef Jevon—A cooking class instructed by Chef Jevon is a perfect way to learn how to use that fancy kitchen and increase or improve your culinary skills.  Invite your friends, pour some wine, and have a good time learning new ideas and skills.  Then, sit at the table and enjoy eating the lesson!
  6. Eldean Boathouse Rental for one Week (Nov-April)—Enjoy the best of Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan with a vacation rental in Eldean’s Boathouse.  The Boathouse cottage interior has all the comforts of home. The kitchen is fully equipped. There are five bedrooms on the second floor with a single bed, 3 queen size, and 2 double. In addition, there are bunk beds on the first floor. Other features include 2.5 bathes with all linens and towels; 2 cable TV’s; a washer and dryer; central air conditioning and an outside gas grill off the kitchen. This is a non-smoking unit and pets are not allowed. The Maximum Occupancy is 14 people. In addition to the Boathouse facilities, guests will have access to the exclusive Macatawa beach (especially exclusive if you rent during December and January!).
  7. MBYC Spiral Staircase—Own a treasured piece of history from the MBYC Yacht Club—the spiral staircase.  This staircase has seen many events from the center of the dining room for over a half a century.  The staircase would make a perfect “objet d’ art” for your yard or you could just use it as a staircase.  Your choice!
  8. Appetizers for 30 by Chef Jevon—Why not plan a Happy Hour with appetizers for 30 prepared by MBYC’s Chef Jevon?  All you have to do is invite the guests, mix the drinks, and the appetizers are completed and prepared to perfection without you having to slave over cookbooks looking for ideas (or shopping at Costco’s freezer section for manufactured appetizers).  You’ll be a hit with your friends—and if you’re lucky, maybe Chef Jevon will share his recipes, in case you’ve snookered your friends into thinking you cooked this all on your own….!
  9. MBYC Letters and Burgee on Crow’s Nest—Own another treasured piece of history from the MBYC Yacht Club—the letters and burgee located on the Crow’s Nest.  Now you don’t have to hire your own construction crew to take the items down from the Crow’s Nest, that’s included with your purchase.  But what a fun item to decorate your garage or game room!

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