Mission Statement

The mission of the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club is to promote camaraderie and enrich shared experiences among our members, their families and friends through nautical activities, social events and education.

We cherish our reputation as a warm, outgoing, multi-generational family club that welcomes diversity among members of high character, believing these are valuable dimensions of the fellowship we share with one another.

Our Club takes pride in building upon its sailing and competitive racing heritage while broadening its appeal to a wider spectrum of members by enthusiastically promoting our power squadon, swimming and other aquatic programs.

We strive to be our community’s preeminent resource for all forms of boating and nautical education, including seamanship, cruising, racing and sportsmanship. We will work with the Macatawa Bay Junior Association and others provide training effectively and efficiently.

An important responsibility of membership which we individually and collectively embrace is our commitment to promote, protect and preserve the environmental integrity of our watersheds and waterways for the benefit of present and future generations.

We want our club facility, pool and grounds to be a relaxing nautical sporting environment which accommodates all age groups with ease to facilitate maximum member family interaction.

We will provide casual food and beverage service with flexibility to accommodate more formal occasions and special member events. Simplicity and consistency will be emphasized to assure the delivery of high quality food and service at reasonable prices.

The simple essence of MBYC is members enjoying their families and friends through their common love of boating and water-related activities.