Port Sheldon Pursuit

Let’s have a fun race to Port Sheldon.  Pursuit Race!    Calling all boats, Mac, get that Catalina out and stretch some sailcloth, Summer is closing in a few weeks, get your friends together for a sail to a great little swimming hole.  8 nautical miles, Michael your snacktician can work out at least three snack changes.    This is a race for cruisers and it’s a race for racers, put the grill on the transom and let the kids hang their feet off the low side.   If you are less fast, say Rudy with the brown sails, you start first, you get to “correct out” to first place and lead the fleet, it’s simple, start in front and stay there.   Oh and the fastest of all, sitting in Slip 1?  Yep they start last, corrected out to back of the fleet before crossing the starting line, is there enough lake to catch up?  Can we sail WJ flat enough to cook brats and catch Tracy?   Put the potted plant on the dock, get the fenders ready, and bring your bathing suit.   August 12.