Racer’s Beat

October 27, 2014

Wednesday night 8.21.13 2nd place

Hi, Dave Shipman here. I have a new role. I’ve been asked to get the word out on Macatawa Bay Yacht Club sailing and racing activities at the club and around the world. I’ll be a clearing house for all information related to competing in races and having fun on the water.

If you or your kids have bragging rights, stories to tell or adventures to share, send them to me. Fleet captains, send me your results/pictures and I’ll post them. We’ll have general stories of interest too.

If you look under the Sailing and What’s Happening tabs on our website, you’ll see we’ve added Racer’s Beat. That’s where we’ll be. We want to recognize members of all age’s accomplishments.

Send me your story, preferably with a picture, and I’ll get it on Racer’s Beat.

Southern racing is starting soon; let’s see some pics and results.