Race Results

2018 Queens Cup

MBYC was well represented with 9 boats competing in the Queen’s Cup race from Milwaukee to Grand Haven, hosted by South Shore Yacht Club of Milwaukee on June 22, 2018.  All boats competed under the PHRF rule, and some elected to be scored also under ORR.
Notable PHRF finishes include:
Willie J (Doug Petter) – 2nd in Section 2 and 4th overall,
Sufficient Reason (Mitch Padnos) – 2nd in Section 1,
Roxy (Don Condit) – 3rd in Section 5,
Utah (Brad Faber) – 2nd in J111
Under the ORR rule:
Sufficient Reason (Mitch Padnos) – 2nd in Section A and 3rd overall
Hearty congratulations to our top finishers and all who competed in this popular race.
Click here for the PHRF results and Click here for the ORR results. MBYC members are highlighted in yellow.

2018 Tripp Cup

Seven boats from MBYC competed in the Tripp Memorial Cup Race from Muskegon to Milwaukee on June 20, 2018.  They competed under the PHRF rule, and notable MBYC finishes were:
Roxy (Don Condit) – 1st in PHRF 3 and 2nd overall
Willie J (Doug Petter) – 2nd in PHRF 1
Utah (Bradley Faber) – 2nd in PHRF 2
Gauntlet (Guy Heistand) – 3rd in PHRF 2
Congrats on these excellent results and to all who competed.
Click here to see the race results.

Below are the results of the 2018 Leukemia Cup and Commodores Cup/Great Lakes Championship. MBYC members who raced are highlighted in yellow.

2017 Queens Cup results

2017 Tripp Cup results

2017 Commodores Cup Results

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