Remote Control Sailboat Racing

*updated October 2, 2018

We have finished the regular season for both the Soling 1 meter class, and the DragonFlite 95 class.  Congratulations to Mark VanderBerg for winning first place for the season in the Soling 1m class!  A total of 14 boats competed in the Soling 1m class, and 7 boats competed in the inaugural DragonFlite 95 class. The Soling 1m class sailed a total of 119 races during the scored season!

Detailed results are on the results page for each fleet


Macatawa Bay Model Yachting
American Model Yachting Association Chapter 336
Sanctioned by USSailing

 Windscoop cover photo Aug 2015

New for 2018:

  • We have grown the Soling 1 meter fleet to 14 boats-racing Thurs nights
  • We have formed a fleet for DragonFlite 95s (11 boats)-racing Tues nights

Thursday Night Scored Season Program-Soling 1 meter

The Boats:  Soling 1 meter one design

  • Largest class of remote control sailboats in U.S.
  • Available as a kit, assembled, or preowned

Local racing (Holland Area):

  • Every Thursday evening from mid-May through mid September See schedule page
  • Locations: MBYC, or at the Tulip City Air Force facility.
  • Season points based on 50% of scheduled races
  • Fleet size 7-12 boats

Tuesday Night Scored Season Program-DragonFlite 95

The Boats:  DragonFlite 95

  • Fastest growing class of remote control sailboats in U.S.
  • Available on line; easy assembly, ready to sail in 3 hours

Local racing (Holland Area):

  • Every Tuesday evening from mid-May through August  See schedule page
  • Locations: MBYC
  • Season points based on 50% of scheduled races
  • Fleet size 6-8 boats

Demonstration and guest sailing: both fleets

  • Guests welcome anytime to observe and test drive a boat after racing is concluded


Bill Vander Berg:

Mark Vander Berg:

Jack Knoblauch:

Macatawa Bay Model Yachting

  • Recognized fleet of the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club
  • Member of the American Model Yachting Association
  • Official boats are the Soling 1 Meter One Design and the DragonFlite 95
  • Dues: $20 per year (covers awards, equipment expenses, advertising, etc) plus membership dues for the Tulip City Air Force ($30)
  • AMYA membership required for Soling 1m and strongly encouraged for others
  • Members of other recognized West Michigan model yacht clubs may race on local dates up to three times per season with no fees