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Remote Control Sailboat Racing 2018-General Information

Rules:  Remote control sailboats sail under the USSailing “Racing Rules of Sailing” that apply to all sailboats; appendix E contains special modifications of the basic rules for RC racing.  Essentially the rules are the same as for big boats except the “zone” is 4 boat lengths

Boats we sail:

Thursday nights:  Soling 1 meter (  Most popular RC sailboat in the US with fleets in almost every state.  Boats are available in kit form from Victor Products, assembled from Victor Products (not recommended), or preowned.  Several local members build one or two new boats a year and sell the previous one; buying a used boat is a great way to get into the program.

Tuesday nights:  DragonFlite 95.  The Dragonflite is a great “ready to sail” boat that can be put together in a couple of hours, it is low cost ($400-450 including electronics), it sails well, and is durable.


Racing Rules of Sailing:

Basic rules guidelines website:

Punta Gorda Model Yacht Club website:

Rules quiz:

American Model Yachting Association:

Soling 1m class website:

Dragonflite 95 class association: