RC Racing Sailing Instructions

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions: Macatawa Bay Model Yachting

May 15, 2019

1.0    Rules

1.1    The series will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, appendix E for RC sailing, class rules of the Soling One Meter class/ DragonFlite 95 class, and these Sailing Instructions.

1.2   Changes to the racing rules or class rules are noted in the specific instructions where they apply.

1.3   All boats and equipment must comply with special cleaning instructions before being placed in the water of private ponds.  These instructions are posted on the storage box at the pond.

2.0   Eligibility

2.1    Soling 1 meter fleet:  The series is open to Soling 1 meter or boats that meet the class rules, and to sailors who are members of MBMY.  Membership is also required to the American Model Yachting Association to provide for liability insurance for pond owners.

2.2    DragonFlite 95 fleet:  The series is open to DragonFlite 95 boats that meet class rules.

Non members may compete in non scored “Fun Days”.

3.0    Notices to Competitors

Notices to competitors will be available on site prior to racing

4.0   Changes to Sailing Instructions

Changes to these Sailing Instructions may be made written or verbally at any time with race committee approval.  All competitors within the control area shall be notified at least 5 minutes prior to the first signal of the day.  This changes RRS 90.2

5.0   Schedule of Races

5.1   Weeknight races:  First  signal NOT BEFORE 6:30 p.m. for all events.

5.2   Total heats scored will be a maximum of 7 with one throwout if 5 heats have been completed.  No sequence will be started after 8:00 p.m.

5.3   After the first two heats have been completed, a 5 minute intermission will be held to allow for any boat tuning.  No other delays will be granted for boat tuning during the heats.

6.0   The Course

The course(s) will be verbal and/or displayed on a course board. The race committee shall consist of three sailors racing any given day

7.0   Launch area

The launch area is unrestricted

8.0   Marks

8.1   Marks will be of various colors and geometry and will be verbally designated in the course description

8.2   The starting and finishing marks may consist of two temporary marks, or a point between permanent and temporary marks.

9.0   Obstructions

The following are designated as obstructions:  moored boats or lifts, permanent moorings, docks, and floating wood in addition to natural obstructions.

10.0  The Start

10.1   Heats will be started via a recorded 1 minute countdown sequence

10.2   RRS 30.1  ( I flag, round the ends rule) is in effect for all starts unless changed by the Race Committee: “ If any part of a boat is on the course side of the starting line within one minute of her start, she must round one of the starting marks to return to the prestart side.  She will have no rights over other boats.”

10.3  The starting line will be on the course side of the starting marks

10.4  Prior to the warning signal, a racer may request the Race Director to delay the starting sequence for a maximum of 2 minutes to repair a technical problem or breakdown.  Each boat may be granted 2 such delays per day.  Delays for tuning or adjusting rigs will not be granted.

10.5  Boats whose warning signal has not sounded shall stay clear of the starting area.  Boats not racing shall stay clear of marks, boats racing, and mark set boats.

10.6  A boat not actively sailing in the starting area at the warning signal will be scored DNS.



11.0  Finish

11.1   The finish line will be on the course side of the finishing marks.

11.2   Each competitor shall announce their sail number at the moment of finishing.

12.0  Penalty System

12.1  A boat touching a mark as defined by RRS 31, shall take a penalty turn as required by RRS 44

12.2  The penalty for a rules infraction is one turn (one tack and one gybe) in accordance with RRS E4.3

13.0  Time Limits

13.1  If no boat has passed Mark 1 within 10 minutes, the heat will be abandoned

13.2  If a boat has finished within 15 minutes, the heat will be scored.

13.3  Boats failing to finish within 5 minutes after the first boat finishes will be scored DNF.

14.0  Protests

14.1  A boat protesting another boat while sailing shall hail the other boat, as required by RRS 61.1(a) as modified by rule RRS E5.2.  Only those sailors directly involved in an alleged foul shall participate in that protest

14.2  Boats filing a protest with the protest committee shall do so within 10 minutes of when the last boat finishes the last heat of the day.  The protest must be written.  Skippers may be granted additional time to file a protest, if required, in order to record relevant facts.  Protests will be heard at least ½ hour prior to the first heat of the next race day.

14.3  Where stated by local verbal or written instruction and known as “The Grace Rule”: It shall be the onus of the sailor fouled to notify or confirm the foul by requesting circles from the offending boat. 

15.0  Scoring

15.1  The Low Point Scoring System RRS A4 will be used for regattas or special events

15.2  The Weighted Average Scoring Method will be used to score the season for both local and regional championships.    To be eligible a sailor must compete in 50% of the scored race dates.

15.3  Three heats completed shall be required to constitute a race day

16.0  Equipment and Measurement Checks

16.1  A boat and her equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with Class Rules and Sailing Instructions

17.0  Prizes

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season

18.0  Disclaimer of Liability

Competitors participate entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4.  The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.