Ugotta Regatta

On July 28th to the 30th the Ugotta Regatta ran at Little Traverse Yacht Club. Several of MBYC’s members raced in this fun event. We thank all members who raced for using their time to attend this race and show that the MBYC is a club with racers. The photo below is the crew of the Jaywalker who won 1st place in their division. From left to right: crew Tim, Greg, Bill Stellin, Brian, son Dave who was the driver and last but by no means least is of course Judy Stellin.

The folowing photos are of Dan Cheresh’s boat Extreme2 taking down a yellow sail and Eric Wynsma’s Usual Suspects taken from a collection on the Petoskey News website.

To see other photos from the race Click Here. It will take you to the collection of photos in the Petoskey News. Below is the results of the 2017 Ugotta Regatta.