Remote Control Sailboat Racing

*updated Sept 3, 2021

Macatawa Bay Model Yachting
American Model Yachting Association Chapter 336
Sanctioned by USSailing

 Windscoop cover photo Aug 2015

New for 2021:  We have revised our program for 2021 to comply with safety recommendations for COVID 19

  •  The Soling 1 meter fleet will race Thurs nights at the BF pond on private property and will not race at the Club this year
  • The DragonFlite 95 fleet will race Monday evenings at the Club, with some practice sailing on various afternoons to be scheduled throughout the season

Thursday Evening Scored Season Program-Soling 1 meter

The Boats:  Soling 1 meter one design

  • Largest class of remote control sailboats in U.S.
  • Available as a kit, assembled, or preowned

Local racing (Holland Area):

  • Every Thursday evening from mid-May through mid September See schedule page
  • Locations: private pond
  • Season points based on 50% of scheduled races
  • Fleet size 7-14 boats

Tuesday Afternoon Scored Season Program-DragonFlite 95 

The Boats:  DragonFlite 95

  • Fastest growing class of remote control sailboats in U.S.
  • Available on line; easy assembly, ready to sail in 3 hours

Local racing (Holland Area):

  • Every Tuesday afternoon from mid-May through August
  • Practice sessions every other Monday evening   See schedule page
  • Locations: MBYC
  • Season points based on 50% of scheduled races
  • Fleet size 6-8 boats

Demonstration and guest sailing: both fleets

  • Guests welcome anytime to observe and test drive a boat after racing is concluded


DragonFlite 95:  Jack Knoblauch jrknobby(at)

Soling 1 meter:  Jack Knoblauch: jrknobby(at)

Macatawa Bay Model Yachting

  • Recognized fleet of the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club
  • Member of the American Model Yachting Association
  • Official boats are the Soling 1 Meter One Design and the DragonFlite 95
  • Dues: $25 per year (covers awards, equipment expenses, advertising, etc)
  • AMYA membership required for Soling 1m and strongly encouraged for others
  • Members of other recognized West Michigan model yacht clubs may race on local dates up to three times per season with no fees